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Company Profile

Nanjing Cleanwave Communication Technology Co.Ltd

  • Main Products:

    High Performance Microwave Antenna; Intelligent Microwave System

  • Location:

    Building B, CNV, Jiangning District, Nanjing211100, China

  • Official Website

Nanjing Cleanwave Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing a "5G+ Satcom" integrated antenna and com[1]navi integrated solution, allowing unlimited wireless connections. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered on the 4th floor, Building A, Main Building, Purple Mountain Laboratory, Jiangning Wireless Valley, Nanjing, China. It integrates R&D bases in Nanjing and Suzhou with Dongguan Production Base. It conforms to the needs of the era of "5G Communications + Satellite Internet" and grasps the strategic opportunity of the “antenna defining system” in the era of high frequency and global space converged communication. Guided by market demands, based on antenna technology, and cored in industrialization capabilities, we will create independent, controllable and performance-leading electronic beam steerable / phased array antenna products and provide total solutions of integrated communication.

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Nanjing Cleanwave Communication Technology Co.Ltd