Jiangsu Export Online Fair 2021 (Electronics, Security & Bicycle)


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MacFaith E-Technology Co., Ltd

  • Main Products:

    car DVRs for tracking and fleet management online car cameras and bus monitors rugged memory device customized solutions.

  • Location:

    Zhonghua Road, Nanjing, China

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With a decade of international experiences, MacFaith E-Technology Co., Ltd has specialized in manufacturing car video recording devices ( DVR ) and developing car monitoring systems. We have offered customized video recording and monitoring solutions at home and abroad for passenger buses, commercial vehicles, refrigerator cars, muck trucks and trash trucks. With integrated DMS and ADAS systems, our solutions have been geared to increasing operational efficiency, enhancing driver awareness, and most important of all maximizing the safety of our customers.  


To match our car surveillance systems, we also supply a range of related facilities like security cameras and video monitors. A unique fire-resistant crashworthy memory device is also available to safeguard your data information that has been stored inside your DVR. The rugged memory device survives 1100℃ intensity fire and enables you to access the data information in extremely harsh conditions, The rugged memory device may also be used as an emergency memory module for train event data recorders.


MacFaith has expanded its global sales considerably in recent years. We will continue to focus as ever on research and development and bring more superior innovative products and services. Join us now and enjoy MacFaith differences. We will always be happy to be at your service.   

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MacFaith E-Technology Co., Ltd